About Us

Our Mission

At ORGYX HEALTHCARE, our mission is to develop and provide the highest quality Natural, Herbal and organic alternatives to traditional food supplements, drugs and products to enhance your well being. Guided by a focus on excellence in our products, processes and services, we strive to implement all initiatives required to meet or exceed our commitments to the customers we serve.
Through a core set of values, we are including timeliness, presence, appearance, accountability, integrity, and resourcefulness, shape our short, medium and long-term actions to achieve our overall mission. We pledged to “provide the world’s finest Natural / Herbal supplements at the lowest possible prices with honest and outstanding customer service.”

Who is Orgyx Healthcare:

Founded in 2009, ORGYX HEALTHCARE is the realization of bringing wellness to the world with the safest possible ways. We got a real executer for the dream to covert it in a real Fact .Today, through our company ORGYX HEALTHCARE, we try to reach millions of health-conscious people around the world.

ORGYX HEALTHCARE is a bulk supplier of Natural and Herbal food supplements & other natural products catering to clients globally. We believe in providing holistic solutions to health issues using potent natural food supplements. All tof our products are lab tested and certified. They come with Laboratory Reports certifying their quality and authenticity. Our stringent quality assurance process ensures that we are able to deliver high quality natural and organic products maximising their benefits for our end-users. Our products are available in multiple quantity ranges and can be modified as per your requirements.

As our Origin is from INDIA where all of these herbs are produced, we are in a position to monitor the quality and yet ensure highly competitive prices. We have a large range of these natural herbs in their purest form available to meet a variety of needs. We have deployed a world class infrastructure allowing us to come up with products that adhere to international quality standards. We use best available processes and methods to enhance the potency and effectiveness of these products and also focus on its benefits to our end users by getting these certified with various laboratory tests.

Our Ownership:

We accept our accountability and personal responsibility to meet business needs and have Passion for winning: We all are leaders in our respective area of responsibility, with a deep commitment to deliver results. We are highly committed towards our vision and determined to be the best in all spheres of our work.

Our operating Principles:

  • Courtesy and Caring Always.
  • Customer comes first.
  • Do it Right First time
  • International image Standards
  • Efficient Process Management
  • Direct and Open Communications
  • Create Trust
  • Compliance
  • Fun at Work

Goals and Growth:

As our knowledge on nutrition has expanded, we have expanded our research and have included more nutritional supplements, seeking to focus on overall health. From 2009 we stared ordering quite a variety of Herbal Products in bulk to keep up our supply. We also thought it would be great if we could share this newfound support system with others. So we began selling Herbal supplements with their use and benefits for different Health Conditions with our end users .Then we started our Online store primarily for the Bulk Supply of Herbal Medicines to all over the Globe and slowly we entered on Retail as well as customer centric requirements.